maanantai 30. syyskuuta 2013

Monday 30.9.2013 Studio Day 1:

Got driven to the train to catch up with Tommy just after 8 in the morning. To our surprise they don't serve beer until after nine. Maybe it was for the best ;-) After some 3+ hours we jumped off the train in Kokkola were Pasi picked us up. We had to make some short stops before we got to the studio. First things first; the music store to pick up some drum parts (don't ask me, I don't know) and then it was off to the grocery store and to get some wine. 

After a short drive we were already in the woods, were we had some lunch (check picture below) before we got to the studio. The day was spent emptying the van and setting up the drums and keys as well as putting the rest of the gear inside. At the moment Tommy and Pasi are going through the drums and I went upstairs to write this and listen to some Britney Spears.... read an interview with the guy who's done some of her mixes so I had to listen through some of  it and see how much I actually understood about what he explained, I did actually understand quite a bit, to my surprise.

Anyways, Elias and Tony will be here later this week. Tomorrow it's drum-mania. I took some pics as well ;-) These sessions are going to be awesome !! Yeah, I said it, AWESOME !!



The drums...or parts of the drums.

My keyboard corner, all setup and ready to go.

The M3 lost some of it's keys and is now a 61.

This is how my life will pretty much look like for the next 4-7 weeks

Let me introduce a new series: What I ate today, part one !

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  1. AWESOME!! ;)

    I spy a familiar hammond! Is it repaired, then?

  2. I still don't get what did you eat...OMG! ARE YOU DRINKING WATER?!

    Seriously, I hope you have a lot of fun during the next weeks. I'm sure it will be awesome ;)

  3. Yey! glad to hear that the first day was really ok... now we have to wait for the progress of the album.. and I know will be fine and awesome... and once more, thanks for share all this stuff with us, believe me, Henkka, you make us so happy! cheers! from Mexico :)

  4. I'm trying figure out what it is on your plate. Are those eggs and diced sausage on chips? Curious. Oddly curious, I might add. Interesting fun seeing your meals. :p


  5. Is Tony going to make videos to youtube like he did back when you made stones grow her name? :)

    1. I'm not sure, we'll see about that....I'm sure he'll be filming something but if it's gonna be out now or later is something I don't know...

  6. I'm guessing you guys aren't recording live? If so, do you plan to on this album any? Love the keyboard setup by the way.

    Kiitos from the US. :)

  7. hi Henkka, which korg is below the M3 in the second pic? I can't realize.
    greetings from Argentina, this Album gonna be awesome! :D