sunnuntai 25. elokuuta 2013

New blog opened

so..just to let you know, we'll start working on the 8th studio album next week. I'll let you know what's going on as soon as we get to it.


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  1. I was kind of joking when posted about a "making of the new album blog" at SGHNWT blog, but I'm glad finding out you're doing it! :D
    You rock, Henkka!

  2. Just added this page to my fav!!
    Thanks Henkka! For giving us just a small light that make our day!

  3. Can't wait for news. Especially now with Pasi! I'm curious to see what you guys come up with! Have fun! :)

  4. I am really looking forward to this Album especially since it's going to be so new and shiny with Pasi.
    I'm really sad about Marko leaving but I wish him all the best and I wish Pasi good luck with you all you knuckleheads ;-)

  5. Hola!!!!
    I can't wait for hear it... the style and songs... I happy for that... and sad for Marko... but I understand the life goes on... and I know that all will be so amazing for all of you guys... kisses from Mexico :)

  6. Whoa...can't wait!! Greetings from Italy!!

  7. Give Your new bassist a bass solo or something to cheer up the fans ;) Look at Stratovarius and Lauri Porra, it works just fine :D

  8. Henkka!!,
    Very excited to hear updates on the next album!! I'm really gonna miss Marko but I'm very excited about Pasi! I think he'll do great and that this next album will be the best one yet!!!
    Good luck in rehersals and cheers!!!

  9. Looking forward to knowing how the next album will be done! :D Cheers!

  10. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

    1. Hola Henrique! :P
      It's good to read you! Thanks for sharing this with us.

      Cheers! (Argentina)

  11. sorry, I do not know what I did before. I do not understand Finnish and was too late when I realized that I could translate the page to Spanish or English ... (no comments), anyway ... cheers! :P

  12. Hi Henkka... I'm very excited about the new album... I'm still sad about Make leaving... I'm happy Pasi is the one in the band now. Afffffff.... 3 separate feelings overtaking me at the same time: hope I can survive them to see what comes next :)
    And big thanks for keeping on with the blogs... I enjoy reading you very much!

  13. Weird day, I'm still shocked about Marko ,but I think he must have his own reasons and I respect that. Thanks Henkka for share with us. I always support you all. My best wishes for the band and Make.....I'm anxious looking forward the new album! Henkka you're great!! Silvia P. (Argentina)

  14. Great, a new blog, it's always so nice to read what you guys are doing... Have fun and make sure you do a hell of an album! :)