torstai 10. lokakuuta 2013

Thursday 10.10 Studio Day 9:

Today started off with Elias tracking more rythm guitars, meanwhile I watched the Jason Becker movie and caught up on the NHL highlights. After a late lunch the work continued and in the evening I went through some more keyboard stuff. At the moment I've played the basic keyboards for most of the songs, still have the Hammond work to do as well as the solo stuff and maybe some additional tracks. All the drums are done as well as most of the rythm guitars, if we keep this pace up, I would guess that we can start mixing in the beginning of November. No previous SA album that I've been involved in has run this smoothly, right from the start of the rehersals up until now. Keep your thumbs up that we'll keep going this way.



All those great pieces of equimpent ;-)

Elias corner, close up.

What I ate today part 9.

The "scoreboard" is starting to fill up...

Tony's temporary singing booth...

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  1. So how much does it help to have the producer "in house", so to speak? ;) Or maybe it's just simple new lineup magic?

  2. Impressive work,going at full throttle - but don't jinx it Henkka,there's a saying "don't count your chickens before they are hatched".
    Oh & the food,I hope I'm not going to be disappointed with the Finnish cuisine when I visit RVN & HEL next Feb? Your showing me crap,I want to be eating Porterhouse Reindeer Steak & Elk Stew & fine wine,not burgers &
    tortillas.I live at the end of the world & I eat Guanaco stew,Lamb Shanks & fine Chilean wine! :)
    Yes I know I'm rambling on,but I'm on sick leave & I'm bored as hell! :)
    Have a good evening boys.

    1. Oh hun, if you want reindeer and elk bring a shitload of money! ;) Been living here two years and I can't even afford the canned ones...

  3. Thrilled with everything I read, my mind works more than usual, and makes me want to ask you this: If continue with this rhythm, could be ready the album before of you planned?

    1. We'll probably be ready earlier than planned, however this will not affect the relase-schedule. This album will be out in April, come hell or high water

    2. And I'll wait april with anxious and emotion, and of course the new dates for the Tour... hope see you soon in Mexico :D

  4. Any words about the NW movie? Keep on the good work guys! ;)