tiistai 22. lokakuuta 2013

Tuesday 22.10. Studio Day 16:

Today we started to re-amp the clean guitars (via a borrowed Roland JC-120), and also put some keyboard tracks in the projects, I think we'll continue with those tomorrow. In the evening Tony continued his singing effort. We have had some mice showing up and trying to steal our food, so today we bought some traps and managed to kill two of them, let's see if there's more to come or not. And yes we do have some cats here but won't let them into the studio, when someone(s) are allergic to cats. Anyway, that's what's up here, Elias actually started the day by playing the last two distorted guitar tracks using a Marshall for a change ;-) I'll try to make somekinda update at the end of the week about where we're right now...



What I ate today part 14: Beefkettle or something, with mashed potatoes...

The drinklist @ the cafe

It's not a real album without some Marshall.

The Jazz Chorus in the corner....

Pasi @lunch...

Tommy @ lunch

8 kommenttia:

  1. Whoops, I guess that's what happens when you record in the country! ;) (and ooh who's allergic to cats? *nosy*)

  2. Dr.Pepper 7.00 Euros - Daylight Robbery!
    No Birthday Cake?

  3. Interesting to note that you have incorporated Marshall sound into this album, it's going to sound very powerful indeed.

  4. Poor mouses! but I know they can be a headache! may I ask you who's is allergic to cats? About drinks, which choose you?

    1. It's just a general policy not to let the cats into the studio, in case the next band has someone with allergies for example. I've been going with dry ciders or finnish Lonkero for my lunch...

  5. somebody should have taken a photo of "birthday" you :)

  6. Tuttu paikka tuo. Älkää tippuko jokeen siellä studiolla!!