lauantai 9. marraskuuta 2013

Some notes about studio week 6

During this week I was at home, working on a bunch of "office" stuff, meaning e-mails, spreadsheets and phonecalls. Oh how I love the music business ;-)

Meanwhile in the studio the bass tracks were laid down, the acoustic guitars and some backing vocals. The groundwork for the mixing has also been done so still missing a few additions/corrections here & there but we're getting close. Sometime next week I still have to go to the studio to add a couple of solos and get my M3 module as well as safety copies of all my stuff, to take with me back home in case we'll do some late fixes....which we always do.

I'll check in next week when I've been to the studio and packed up my keys etc. Until then, remain calm...all is well and this will turn out great.


PS. Whoever sent me the link to download some bootleg stuff from us, thanks ! However if you want your message published, please re-send it wihtout the link (since I can't edit comments, only approve them or not). Your private link "just for us" is not so private if I post it online..... ok ?

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  1. Ah, the glamorous and wild Rock and Roll life ;)

    I've got so spoiled by your daily blogs I miss them now! But I'll live I guess. It helps that Miro told me I'll be seeing you guys in person very soon ;)

    Oh, btw, any news about your second solo album?

    1. I feel you, man. Every day I checked it right before my seventh period class (EASTERN STANDARD TIME, FUCK YEAH!)

    2. My solo album is on hold for the moment while I'm focusing on this album, gonna get back to work on it next month...

    3. Makes sense, not crossing the streams and all that ;) But yay! I can't wait for either, really, the last one was so damn good.

  2. I alter the process of posting here... well not really but I like... stopped comming here for a week, and then I decide to come and see all the awesome stuff here, and just now there's a new post :B
    Love from Midori, from Mëxico <3

  3. I was the one who gave you the link.
    I hope you enjoyed it, the has motivated and remind you what was the show in Argentina.
    Stay calm that the link of that album I only pass to you. If you already have the disk then take it out right now.

  4. Oh and - my own doesn't deserve it but you guys definitely do: happy father's day :) get spoiled sick by your little ones today!

  5. Was the father day, and I must to say, Congratulations! is awesome to see, how you guys work and have the time for your sons, a big hug for Tommy, Tony, Elias and you...

  6. Don't need to approve this comment, I just wanted to show these videos. I made it...
    With the song Fullmoon:

    This is related to a letter that I sent for Tony, if it were possible, could he see that? :