maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Studio week no.7:

Thursday & Friday 14.11.-15.11.
So, it was time for me to do the last of the recordings. Morning train to Kokkola as usual and after Pasi picked me up it was time to eat. I managed to get my stuff done quite fast. I did the unisono for the first single, fixxed some ”beer” playing on another unisono that Elias had written for another song and finished one solo that I had basically ready in my head already so it wasn’t that hard. I also played a couple of versions of piano for the ”epic” song since I wasn’t satisfied with my earlier track….Then it was time to pack up my gear and make back-up copies of all my stuff. Gather some dirty clothes and uneaten noodles and whatnot. I even tried to drink some of Elias left-behind redwine so it wouldn’t get old ;- ) The next morning my Dad and my brother picked me up and we drove towards the north…

At the moment we’re done with everything except for some backing vocals for a couple of songs, I’m sure Tony will get ’em done this week. Pasi already started mixing and I’m sure we’ll get to hear some stuff within the next few days. The rest of the year will be spent working on other projects as well as deciding the setlists (any suggestions?) for the 15th anniversary shows. I then have to program the sounds, get my gear in order and learn to play the stuff as well as the new songs. So, there will be plenty of work even if we’re at home. Also the tourplanning for next year will take up some time since we’ll be going to be on the road until 2015 at least.

Anyways, I’ll let you know when the mixing is done…until then…



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  1. Any suggestions? Sure! Lots of stuff from Unia would be great! Fly with the Black Swan in particular would be lovely to hear live... and maybe the whole Caleb saga...oh! And WPBO! I've seen you guys like 14 times and I've never seen you play my favorite song....

  2. Oh man, so exited for the new album. Can't wait to hear some new material.
    About what songs to play on the shows. "White Pearl, Black Oceans" has always been one of my favourites, as well as "Under your tree". And what about "San Sebastian"?

    1. Oh god please not Under Your Tree I've never been able to listen to that song without dissolving into gross tears and sobbing and I'm gonna make a fool of myself, lol

  3. I would love to hear My Land on the upcoming tour and maybe UnOpened as well :D

  4. On muuten siistiä ollut seurata levyn valmistumista täällä, jotenkin poikkeuksellisen korkealla odotukset tällä kertaa. Mitä juhlakeikkoihin tulee niin laskeskelin tässä että jos ottaisitte kaks biisiä joka levyltä niin ette sais millään tylsää settiä vaikka yrittäisitte!
    Mutta jos nimiä haluutte niin todella todella mieluisia yllätyksiä olis esimerkiks The Power of One tai My Dream's But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare :)

  5. champagne bath should definitly be on the new setlist! :D haha but that's just my opinion... choose songs which are fun playing and worth performing ;)

  6. Try to add "The boy who Wanted to Be a Real Puppet" if you can. Thanks in advance and good luck, we in Argentina are expecting for your arrival.

  7. Also I feel like a dumbass but...what is an unisono, exactly? I've never heard of it! Something you play at the same time maybe...?

  8. It's been a while since you last played some WHG songs, like The Misery, Draw Me or VIctoria's Secret. It would be a good idea if you played them. I also think Revontulet needs to be rescued. And for the Finnish tour (I don't even live in Finland but what the hell) it would be epic if you invited Perttu and Johanna to perform their songs in TDOG. Greetings from Mexico.

  9. Would be great to hear Letter to Dana and Victoria's Secret :)

  10. Can you guys bring back "White Pearl, Black Oceans"? I've yet to see it live and I really want to :)

    1. Well many have mentioned this so... we have a chance? I have also something else in mind but I don't dare to say it...

  11. How about the power of one and False news travels fast, I would love to hear Wolf and raven again one more time or unopened, Champagne bath, Silver tongue and WPBO, also Please do a european tour!!!!!!! or record a dvd so I can see the 15th anniversary shows as well, I think flying to Finland will be too expensive since we just bought a house.

  12. Top 3 valinnat: End of this chapter, White Pearls Black Oceans, Letter to Dana alkuperäinen versio. Jos ei muualla niin ainakin Kuopion keikalla!

  13. After seeing you almost hundred times there are couple songs I would really love to hear on the next tour. Sing in Silence needs to be in the setlist of the concert halls (Sibeliustalo and Tampere-talo) that song would so fit in those places! The Truth is Out There is something that you should try to play live! And there has been way too long break since I last time heard Dream Thieves and Destruction Preventer live.

  14. Songs that havent ever been played live are always very welcome, of course also great tracks like WPBO, The power of one, Wolf and Raven, False news travels fast, Weballery, Champagne bath, The truth is out there and Unopened.
    Please tour europe as well, cant afford to go to Finland for a concert or release an anniversary dvd, I am so happy with the extended set and playing of older tracks.

  15. Yes, we just might have some suggestions :) Me too have missed White Pearl, Black Oceans and would like to see it live. Also Dead Skin, The End of This Chapter, Champagne Bath, Ain't Your Fairytale and Fly With The Black Swan would be great to hear! And of course pretty much any of the songs I didn't mention :) Oh yes, Tonight I Dance Alone would be a nice surprise!

  16. -White Pearl Black Oceans
    -Power of one
    -They Follow (please...)
    -Picturing the past

    We love you guys, keep making the music that fill our hearts.

  17. White Pearl, Black Oceans is the one I would definitely want to hear. I've heard it once live in Ankkarock, but that was like 4-5 years ago. Häkki perkele would be a nice too, even if we had seen it "few" times. The Vice, Fly with the Black Swan... I could continue my list forever, but WPBO has been my all-time favourite ever since the Reckoning Night was released.

  18. As so many have stated WPBO would be awesome and some other songs that aren't played often stand out to me are The End of This Chapter, Blinded No More and The Dead Skin! In Black and White would be great too even though you guys have played it a lot it's one of my favorites! :)

  19. To create a warlike feel myös! Onhan näitä vaikka millä mitalla.

  20. Hi Henkka, I'd live to hear the song False News Travel Fast and Letter To Dana in its original version, Greetings.

  21. Weballergy pleasee ! :D
    In my eyes you're a Giant. please !

  22. Shamandalie!!! and White Pearl, Black Oceans

  23. I would love to hear in Latinamerica UnOpened and Misplaced, the most, but also White Pearl Black Oceans, that would be awesome! <3

  24. Thank you for taking our suggestions into account. I'd particulary like to hear Misplaced, it would be really interesting after the intro, and also add some other songs of Reckoning like White Pearl, for example, but it just an opinion. And another suggestion could be The Cage by the end of the list like the old times.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with the world.


  25. Oh boy, "Any suggestieons?"... Where do I begin :D

    It would be awesome to hear some of the older classics like The Cage or San Sebastian, but if I remember correctly you've dropped songs like that for good. I thought Tony said more than once that you guys don't want the gig to be a "sports event" and tend to avoid songs like Wolf & Raven because of that... Oh well, one can always wish for a miracle. If you want the anniversary tour to be something "special", it would feel natural to throw in some songs that you don't play that often. For example, I can't remember the last time you played Shamandalie live. Also songs like Deathaura, White Pearl Black Oceans, Misplaced, Somewhere Close To You or the original version of Mary Lou would be nice to hear.

    To ensure that the most of people will be satisfied I'd suggest variety. I know you guys know that already and it feels kind of dumb to say that. I just think that if the theme of the tour is the whole "journey" of Sonata, it should have songs from every album.

    The best way to figure out what people would like to hear might be a poll on facebook or something like that, you do have almost MILLION fans there after all. But in the end you are the ones to decide naturally. I'm really excited about your 8th commandm... Studio album ;) ! Have a nice day!

    1. I can't think of a worse idea of a facebook pool, since half the people there hate them and would just suggest stuff from bloody Silence or for Jani to return or stuff like they already do at every other occasion....

    2. B-but why would they like SA page if they hated them ;_; Ofc the poll could be narrowed down into "possible" songs, for example, if they simply are NOT going to play, let's say, Wolf and Raven, they could just leave that one out. Or maybe the poll could be on their official forum or somethin if facebook atmosphere is too offensive. I haven't really paid attention to their page and the comments, do people still whine about Jani? Hasn't he been gone for like seven years or so? I just thought it would be fair for everyone to make a poll so the fans could make their voices heard if you know what I mean. On the other hand it could ruin the surprise element if the results of voting would be taken literally or something. Voting just seems like a fair option, but they'll do what they want to do. Let's wait and see :)

    3. Beats me! I tried asking once and I got back a "we liked them 10 years ago and we're waiting for them to stop sucking" which is really offensive and rude. I've kinda stopped reading comments in the past year because I'm trying not to be That Fan so much anymore (I totally am but it's better for my health, lol) And oh YEAH they do. Just yesterday somebody asked Jani in his blog if he was gonna play with them at the anniversary shows, and let's not get into the stuff they can say about Elias because I might end up raging all over again. It would be fair indeed and I thought about it too, but then I get such a bad feeling when I think about it and how rude people are on there, calling them names and saying they're shit and wishing harm on Elias and all that stuff. I know it's selfish to wish people like that didn't have any power to influence a band but kinda feels like the people following the blog and the twitters are....shall we say a little less rabid and angry at the fact bands don't cater to their precise taste? LOL

      Then again I can't really influence their decision either so if they feel it's fairer, it's their decision. I am just gonna stay WELL away from the comment if the pool on fb, and be slightly cross if I get a setlist of songs I don't like thanks to that! ;)

    4. (and sorry sorry sorry for carrying on with this, I will stop, I promise! The band's fb page just manages to upset me a lot, is all ;) )

    5. I realize now what you meant, checked some comments on fb... Yeah, maybe it'd be better not to host a poll in there lol.

  26. yey.. White pearl black ocean, Shy, Letter to Dana, My Land, Cinderblox, 8th commandment, Peacemaker,.. oohh I have many favorites *o*

  27. is a song for Marko in the new album? ;D

  28. "White pearl black oceans" if you can, is one of the most expected, in my opinion.

  29. White Pearl Black Oceans olis mahtava kuulla vielä livenä!!! Myös The Power of One tai The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet olis hyviä. Unian biisejä kans mukaan! :)

  30. 8th Commandment would be great to hear and maybe San Sebastian and White Pearl, Black Oceans - some faster songs :) hmm you guys have so many great songs I could send you a list of at least 15 songs I would like to hear... but also great would be Deathaura and Somewhere Close To You
    greets from Austria (please come to Graz! :) )

  31. "White pearl black oceans" if you can, is one of the most expected, in my opinion.

  32. Play They Follow Please! and Shy

  33. "Destruction Preventer","Weballergy","The Rest Of The Sun Belongs To Me",
    "Misplaced","My Selene","It Won't Fade","They Follow","In the Dark","Dead Skin","Flag in the Ground","The Day","The Power of One",all parts of Wildfire
    And some of new stuff please)

  34. White Pearl Black Oceans, please!!! :)

  35. What about Ain't your Fairytale?? !! I love that song and White Pearl Black Oceans! :D

  36. be nice tallulah, caleb, my selene, Only the broken hearts, sing in silence, Gravenimage and of course draw me, big greetings...

  37. To be fair, I'll pick one song of each album...
    Kingdom for a heart
    The end of this chapter
    The misery
    Don't say a word; and wrecking the sphere (yeah, I cheated)
    The vice!; fly with the black swan (yeah, did it again, but I actually would ask you to play ALL Unia LOL)
    Losing my insanity
    andd.... THE GUN!

    But, truth be told: anything will be just perfect! <3

  38. White pearl.!!!!!!.., The Cage, Shy, Kingdom for a heart....Without doubt! But, those classics we all know the lyrics can't be missing because it's so exciting sing with you all in one. (Full Moon, Tallulah, etc..)

  39. Intro
    Blank File
    San Sebastian
    Land of the Free
    Victoria's secret
    The cage
    Blinded no more
    White pearl Black Oceans
    Good enough is Good enough
    It won't Fade
    The las amazing grays
    Alone in Heaven (:

    In any order :D

  40. Henrik, you're really close to Saint Petersburg. Why don't you come to Russia to celebrate your 15th anniversary? :) we'd be really happy :)

  41. Hi! I would love to hear: "White Pearl, Black Oceans", "Shamandalie", "Mary Lou" and " Letter to Dana" =)

  42. When you open it up to the floor, I have to suggest stuff we don't hear often/ever. In preference order:

    The Truth is Out There
    Fly with the Black Swan
    Land of the Free
    The Ruins of My Life
    The Dead Skin
    One, Two, Free, Fall

    I'd say to close out with The Cage as it is the best "end song" of all Sonata's work (it's just so upbeat and uplifting!) But if you're sick to death of playing that one, Ain't Your Fairytale would work really well in its place.

  43. Okay I'm dead scared for some weird reason to say this (or because the song is really special for yours truly) but I guess I could as well mention also - Draw Me. Here. Said. And I'm still alive. ;)

  44. Jotain sellaisia biisejä olis ihan kiva kuulla, joita ei ole paljoa soitettu livenä. Ainakin nämä "bonusbiisit" kuten Nothing More ja To Create a Warlike Feel vois olla aika hienoja!

  45. In the tour pleace play the cage and white pearl black oceans, would be happy with that.
    the hope in chile

  46. Please, play My Land.. and I'll die happy..
    The Power of One (I know it's a long and hard one, I had to put it because it's my all-time favorite.)
    3.Ain't Your fairytale
    4.Destruction Preventer
    Peacemaker or
    The End of this Chapter
    False News Travel Fast
    Abandoned, pleased, brainwashed, exploited
    The Ruins of My Life
    Blank File

    there are too many to be fair.

    P.S. Please tell Tony to check his emails!

  47. Well, for me the ideal setlist would like of Live in Finland, may be added Tallulah

    Intro (Everything Fades To Gray)
    Flag In The Ground
    Last Amazing Grays
    Blank File
    As If The World Wasn't Ending
    Paid In Full
    Victoria's Secret
    Instrumental Exhibition
    The Misery
    In Black & White
    Letter To Dana
    Don't Say A Word
    Outro (Vodka/Everything Fades To Gray)

    1. Oh yeah, this one is epic! (of course with Tallulah included)

    2. Power of One, White Pearl Black Oceans, To Create a Warlike Feel, Fly with the Black Swan.

  48. Biisejä jota on harvemmin kuultu, esim. jo mainitut To Create a Warlike Feel ja Truth is out There. The Ruins of My Life ja Silver tongue (WHG:n biisit yleensäkin) olisivat myös mielenkiintoisia livenä! False news travel fast olisi myös loistava livebiisi, kun sitä ei ole pitkään aikaan soitettu.

  49. Fly with the Black Swan!!! WPBO, The Caleb saga, The Cage :) Well, as long as there's stuff from Unia I'm really happy :)

  50. I totally agree about the idea of a new live-dvd. Even my kid (4 years tomorrow) asked if she could have new SA-concert -dvd for her birthdaypresent :) And since we already have all the old ones, you have no other option than make her (and me) happy!

  51. Oh.. I forgot Ain´t Your Fairytail and The Cage, just fantastic songs!! :) haha and nukkumatti lasten (I hope I spelled it right) for the outro, I saw a clip on YouTube of Wacken, where you performed it, really amusing :)


  53. what about some really old stuff like "i'm hunted" or "apartment 54" ? :D

  54. Dear God, Hennka, what have you unleashed?! :P

    Anyhow, I guess I'll throw in my $.02...

    Wildfire (maybe parts of the other two)

    The Boy Who Wanted To Be a Real Puppet

    Under Your Tree (if nothing else, please do this)

    WPBO (can be replace with 10 minute epic if you do choose)

    Somewhere Close to You (RIP Tony's voice)

    Frog Feet (yup, I fucking went there)

    Personally I'd love to see you play the some songs we haven't seen very much, but what do I know? You're the professionals here, so have at it.

  55. I would like to hear In the Dark, I would also like to suggest a "tour" city. Could you please come back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

  56. I´d like to ever listen wolf and raven or the cage, those songs are simply epic! See you on March, greetings from colombia!

  57. It would be great to hear lots of songs from Silence and Reckoning Night! As well as some from Ecliptica and Winterheart's Guild. If I had to choose four songs, one from each of those albums, I would say:

    Destruction Preventer
    The End of This Chapter
    White Pearl, White Oceans or The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Real Puppet

    It's hard to choose only four, I would rather ask you to play the whole albums!!

  58. They Follow!!!
    Friends Till The End
    In The Dark!!
    Letter to Dana (Not Acoustic)
    And.. Shy, Please :-)

  59. - The Power of one
    - Silver tongue
    - Dream Thieves
    - Respect the wilderness
    - To create a warlike feel
    - Wrecking the sphere
    - Blinded no more
    - The ruins of my life
    - UnOpened
    - Destruction preventer
    - Letter to dana

  60. I didn't even think about your old demos! I vote "Frog Feet" or "Friend Till The End" of those :)

  61. Shy
    The Power of One
    The Ruins of my life
    The boy who wanted to be a real puppet

  62. Land of the free, The power of one, Last drop Falls, Zeroes which I think it is a best song of Grays.

    1. OMG why didn't I think of Zeroes it's one of my favorite songs and I would commit crimes to see that keyboard solo live!! Good one!

  63. -In the Dark
    -Somewhere Close to You
    -Caleb saga back-to-back
    Wildfire trilogy
    World in my Eyes

  64. In the Dark is my favorite SA song... it would be amazing to hear it played live.

  65. Sing in Silence and Peacemaker pleaseee

  66. intro ...of silence
    2)blanck file
    3)false news travel fast
    4)8th commandment
    5)destruction preventer
    6)silver tongue
    7)the end of this chapter
    8)wolf &raven
    9)black shepp
    11)guitar & keyboard exhibition
    13)the misery
    16)wrecking the sphere
    17)white pearl ,black oceans
    18)the power of one
    19)san sebastian
    20)my land
    21)the cage
    22)dont say a word/vodka outro

  67. Hi Henkka:

    We are the Chilean Fans Club of Sonata Arctica, we are interested so much the opportunity to suggest you songs for the setlist. on our fan page we are performed a series of polls where fans vote which song they would like to hear in the next show in our country.

    We would like to help you in this election and also give the opportunity for chileans fans to hear their favorite songs.
    I would like to know if you are interested in the idea, we'd be very grateful to get contact with you.

    Greetings and hugs from the Chilean community
    The Last Amazing Chilean Fan Club

  68. Only the broken hearts, black sheep, flag in the ground, paid in full, blank file, single from album 8, san sebastian, white pearl black oceans, i have a right, don't say a word, letter to dana, destruction preventer.
    I think that is a good varied amount of stuff for you guys :D

  69. In black and white please !

  70. You guys NEED to play The End of This Chapter! Best SA song EVER!

  71. Caleb... and then I'll dance on stage hahaha
    Somewhere Close to you
    Flag in the ground
    Draw me
    Deathaura! *.*
    8th Commandment
    My Land
    Black Sheep

    See you in Brasilia and São Paulo!

  72. Omg Suggestions...
    First and most important suggestion: You HAVE to record some show in some form. Even if it's audio only, many arround the world wanna enjoy this even too!

    Ok, setlist suggestions...
    My Land: I think it fits great where the band is right now, and a nice change of pace to Ecliptica tracks in previous setlists.
    Land of the Free: Rarely played, it's a great track to be played live.
    The Power of One: Amazing song, but maybe a bit too long for the setlist.
    Abandoned, Pleaser, Brainwashed, Exploited: Really powerful song, needs some love!
    Champagne Bath: One of the most interesting songs in the band's history. The guitar and keyboards talking to one another solo is amazing!
    Misplaced: Great lyrics, great track, powerful, amazing... one of my favorite songs in my life, from any band.
    The Boy Who Wanted to be a Real Puppet: Again, maybe a bit too long for the setlist, but it's a masterpiece.
    Wildfire: Don't miss the chance to give this one a try! Who knows if it could ever come back.
    Wrecking the Sphere: I think the best Japan bonus track. The final keyboard solo is one of the best solos ever played Henkka <3
    Caleb: Bring it back! One of the best tracks ever by Sonata.
    My Dream's but a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare: Maybe a bit too risky... but to have a live version of this would be priceless.
    The Vice: Amazing track, I could get used to it in a setlist.
    The Harvest: This track I think mixed Pre-UNIA and Post-UNIA Sonata really well. It has everything. There's a video of u guys playing it at a festival. it's amazing!
    Deahtaura: Was hoping for it in the DVD... it's a really amazing track. Even swiching the orchestra with keyboards only, and it'd still be masterful. It's too good of a song.
    Somewhere Close to You: My favorite track from SGHN, deserves some love too!

    I guess those are some of my suggestions.
    Have a nice one guys (:

    Love, Midori

  73. The usual setlist staples, of course, plus new stuff...but you simply MUST do the Caleb saga from start to finish :D Just think of it as story time!

  74. Wolf & Raven! The original one, not the raped new version.
    White Pearl, Black Oceans, definitely would love to hear this one!
    Destruction Preventer - hey, it's Ecliptica anniversary after all!
    Some others that'd be awesome...
    - Weballergy
    - Power of One
    - Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited (I know, the order is wrong)
    - Wildfire (the first one)
    - The Cage
    - Silver Tongue
    - Blank File
    - False News Travel Fast

  75. Oh yeah forgot these couple...
    - Land of the Free!
    - Gravenimage
    - Caleb & Juliet

  76. Picturing the Past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Revontulett would be amazing to hear!

  78. if this was the setlist, i would buy tickets for all your shows! :3

    8th commandment
    champagne bath
    kingdom for a heart
    san sebastian
    the cage
    the power of one
    the rest of the sun belongs to me
    victoria's secret
    white pearl black oceans

  79. My Land, Misplaced, ja My Dream's but a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare settilistaan kiitos.

  80. Victoria's Secret is a MUST.
    It's my favourite song and I went to all the concerts in here but one
    and in that one you played it :(.

  81. My dream setlist:

    Paid in Full
    Ain´t your Fairytale
    Flag in the Ground
    Don´t say a Word
    Last Amazing Greys
    The Gun
    Only the Broken Hearts
    I Have a Right
    Letter to Dana
    The Cage
    In Black and White
    Draw me
    As if the World wasn´t Ending
    White Pearl, Black Oceans

    I love you guys, can´t wait to see you in Eastern Finland! <3

  82. My dream will be that u guys can open with:
    -Destruction Preventer or Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited or Misplaced

    Anyway this are my suggestions for the setlist :D
    -San Sebastian
    -Victorias Secret
    -White Pearl, Black Oceans
    -Picturing the Past
    -Wolf And Raven
    -The end of this chapter
    -The misery
    -The boy who wanted to be a real puppet

    Thx for coming back to Argentina, already got my ticket for the show, i cant wait to see u again!! :D


  83. Black Sheep
    Wolf and Raven
    Victoria's Secret (please please please play it during the world tour too)
    Paid In Full
    Somewhere close to you (acoustic version)
    Flag in the Ground
    Only the broken heart

  84. Thanks for this oportunity. my dream setlist is:

    Intro: Reckoning day, Reckoning Night (Dark and perfect)
    1- Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited (A great intro song)
    2- Kingdomn for a Heart (and the party is started whit cliptica)
    3- The end of this chapter +
    4- Sing in silcence (like in the japanese DVD)
    5- In Black & White (full of power)
    6- The Last Amazing Grays
    7- Cinderblox
    8- UnOpened (remember the GREAT ecliptica and its power)
    9- "Breathing", "Good enough is good enough" or "Draw me" (choose)
    10- Paid in full
    11- Victoria´s Secret (The best power song)
    12- Fullmoon (extasis)
    Break (Now rest, is time for the dark side of the show)
    13-The Day (a f***ing tragedy)
    14- Juliet (tragedy goes on)
    15- Wolf & Raven (everyone dies)
    16- Peacemaker (a little bit of light and peace on this darkness)
    17- It Won´t Fade (ok, light dies again xD)
    18- Gravenimage (Full of emotions the best song for a show)
    19- White Pearl Black Oceans (DONT FORGETT the best song of sonata)
    20- Don't Say a Word (ready for the painfull end)
    21- The Cage + Vodka Outro (oh no is a magic end! free as sonata!)

    Thank you so much Sonata!
    this is my gift for u:

    See u in Buenos Aires