perjantai 4. lokakuuta 2013

Friday 4.10. Studio Day 5:

Started the day by watching last nights NHL highlights, unfortunately NYR lost, good that they still have 81 games to figure it out. Once we got up from bed, it was time to listen through all the songs just to make sure there were no stuff that needed to be changed, of course there was some minor details to tweak.... Elias also got another amp shipped in this morning, the legendary Mesa/Boogie Mark 2 C+ (thanks Ari ! ). We're also gonna get another Engl cabinet for next week when it's time to start tracking some guitars. As for now I'm pretty much done with 5 songs on the keys (missing one piano track and some Hammond). All the other drum-stuff is done except a short bit which will be played with another set. Apart from the computer meltdown on Wednesday, everything is running really smooth and it might even look that we'll be done ahead of schedule....or not, you never know with these things. Untl next week.



And this is....another Mesa/Boogie...

The smaller kit, not really ready yet.

What I ate today part 5. (was too hungry and almost forgot to take the pic, however this used
to be a chicken fillet...which was very good I might add.)

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  1. Wow!! You guys are chewing through these songs!! :-) I'm so stoked for the new album!! I'm pretty upset the Rangers lost too but hey, like you said it's the first game of 82. This season is just getting started. I think they'll beat the Kings next week and get on a hot streak! :) Anyways, have a great weekend Henkka and good luck in the studio next week!!!

  2. Thanks Henkka for keeping us updated... I'm glad you are letting us spy comfortably sitting here while you guys work your asses off ;)

    PS: I guess we already have enough material to start up a Fuck Yeah What Henkka Eats blog on tumblr... just kidding!!!!

  3. I'm so happy to hear things are going so well! Maybe it's because you're really doing it boot-camp style and staying over and are more focused from the moment you get up?

    I was about to ask what team you root for but apparently you're a Rangers fan ;)

  4. I hope you're recording with a real grand piano... we'll be able to tell!!