keskiviikko 16. lokakuuta 2013

Wednesday 16.10. Studio Day 13:

Spent most of the day online, working. Upcoming tours, sendin out stuff, like this:

sorting out other you can now reach , I think
it should be up and running ;-) Managed to take a few pics, including my lunch
more than halfway through...almost too late. I also watched this which was great:

After Tony was done with what will probably be the first single, I started working 
on the piano parts for the epic 10min album closer, need to get back to that in the
morning. Until tomorrow, which will be the last studioday this week.



For the Leads I brought back my (bad) Karma....

The M3 getting a well earned rest on top of Elias guitar cabinet.

What I ate today part 12: ???

7 kommenttia:

  1. Ohh, single! Just one this time or you gonna try and do more like for SGHN?

    And damn but you guys look amazing and I hope all the pics are this good. It's good to finally have a proper full band picture of you. It makes things feel a bit more right, at last. Then of course come all the people on fb who just dropped from the tree and are going "wait who's that guy?" LOL

  2. So much is happening so fast!! It's just as exciting for the fans as I'm sure it is for you guys!!! Hearing about tours and the 10 minute epic really make my day :-) That promo pic is sick too!! \m/ Kick some ass on the recording tomorrow!

  3. Oh for fuck's sake I just got the "bad karma" joke *groan*

    1. I don't. Can you explain it to me, please? =)

  4. Sometimes your blog does remind me of this though.... (no offense :P)
    Like the new promo pic! Love the way everyone is so serious except for Tony and you. (case of bad breath or did you talk too much? :P)

    1. Non taken... beerbreath and talking to much did the trick ;-)

  5. Please play that 10 min song live!!!!