tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013

Tuesday 15.10. Studio Day 12:

Started the day by going through the keyboard tracks, making minor adjustments. Elias managed to blast through another song before lunch. Today I even remembered to take a pick of my.....pizza...tadaa !! We also brought back the empty beer cans to the grocery store and from the pic of the receipt, you can see the amount. (if you can, appeareantly the censorship stuck upon this pick. At the moment Pasi is bringin Elias to the trainstation and Tony is singing. I took a short break and soon I'll be back and start noodeling some piano stuff or search for the lead sound for this album, I don't know yet. Maybe we could do some sauna stuff tonight...or tomorrow....who knows ;-)



What I ate today part 11: oh my god yet another pizza !!

The mystery receipt...

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  1. moro! miks tony ei enään tee videoita teidän studiosessioista??
    sitten semmonen mikä mua on kiinnostanut kauan aikaa on että mitä se laatikko sisältää mikä on sulla aina keikalla monitorin vieressä, olen saanut käsityksen että se on jonkinlainen pedaalilauta mutta mitä se pitää sisällään? ja sitten vielä yks kysymys minkä merkkinen sun mikrofoni on stagella?

    1. Tekee videoita, tulee sitten joskus jahka laulamasta ehtii niitä editoida, laatikossa on Korgin M3 moduuli + muutamia efektejä, eli ääni kaulasyntikaan tulee siitä laatikosta. Laulumikkinä mulla on Shure 55:kösenyoli...emmämuista. Shure kumminkin.

  2. Wow 176 cans of beer... for me it's a lot! In this moment I only have 10!! :-P... anyway, you got money and help the enviroment :D... nice night!!! and better morning! =D

  3. What's up with the receipt, my boy? I can't figure it out. Just the date seems off. Hmmmm I am perplexed. Something new. A mystery! I love a good clue!

  4. Maybe some more photos of all the guys...? If you have time. Hi to all of you!