keskiviikko 2. lokakuuta 2013

Wednesday 2.10. Studio Day 3:

A nice breakfast by Tommy once again, but when we started to power up the computer, it turned out that the hard-drive was fucked. Naturally we have back-ups but this ment that Tommy couldn't play any drums today as the we had to have one guy drive to Vaasa to fix the drive. Since I have my own computer, I resumed work on the keyboard tracks and Pasi did some drum-editing on another computer. Hopefully we can get back to tracking drums tomorrow. Anyways Tony & Elias are joining us tonight and I will go and pick them up in a few hours. As for now, it's back to the keyboard-noodeling.



What I ate today part 3a, Tommy made breakfast :-)

What I ate today part 3b....

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  1. Just listened to the Silent Voices album preview thing. pre-ordered it. I am the excite.

  2. You seems to be well fed, a little yankee I see... I hope that help you to continue with the best music as usual! Kiss.