tiistai 22. lokakuuta 2013

Monday 21.10. Studio Day 15:

Happy birthday to me :-) Anyways, got on the train just after 11, actually almost
missed it , but because of my excellent driving skills we managed to get to the station
on time (...being late because of my "not so great" scheduling skills). Got to Kokkola ok,
late lunch (is it actually lunch anymore when it's around 1600?)....and then it was off to the studio. We got some work done, personally I just took it easy. Until tomorrow...

..actually I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who sent e-mails and congrats. Thanks a lot !! 



What I ate today, part 13: believe it or not, the first burger for me during these sessions...

Elias changing strings on the gold top for the "rock" song on the album...

13 kommenttia:

  1. That "rock song" sounds great! Have fun guys ;D

  2. I see we have similar tastes of burgers, on top of music and cider XD

    The last caption makes me very happy! So is there going to be a song for every genre? ;) I wouldn't put it past you guys...

    Also maybe it's a silly question but: are you gonna record some vocals too or it's gonna be all Tony and his army of backing Tonys?

    1. We'll be doing some backing vocals as well...I think...

    2. Eeeee! My not-so-secret dream of a you-and-Tony duet slowly gets closer. One day. LOL

  3. Henkka,
    Is this album gonna be live friendly like SGHN? Can we expect to hear around 5 or so songs from it when you guys start touring? And that is a mighty fine guitar Elias has there :P Have a great day!

    1. A bit early to tell, but so far I'd say that we could pretty much play any of the songs live...

  4. One more congratulation, never hurts, so Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day, I hope you keep having all the success in the world and above all love and unity in your family, I love you! ♥♥
    By the way, I send some pictures to your e-mail, I hope you can see it and above all you like it!

  5. This sounds pretty amazing! :) And a late happy birthday to you Henkka hope you had a great day! :)

  6. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday Henkka :) Wish you and the rest of the guys all the best :)

    The new album sounds amazing just from you guys talking about it! I can't wait to hear it :D


  7. Onnea! Keep up the awesome work. :)


  8. Late congratulations for your birthday! It's very nice to read your blog about the upcoming album, it really helps me to tolerate the shitty weather and darkness that arrived with the autumn!