perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

Friday 20.9.2013 Rehersal Day 14:

Started a bit earlier than usual since we wanted to let the Southern boys get home in time for Friday night sauna ;-) Yesterday we decided to drop one of the songs we already had rehearsed. There were some parts that wasn't up to par so we'll see what's gonna happend with that. Today we went through a new song that Tony brought in, kinda upbeat feelgood vibe on this one. Got it together pretty fast. Next week will be the last week of rehersals and we might be working on our own the first couple of days and then have the last band rehersal on Wednesday.....all to be determined later...we'll see how it goes. At the moment we pretty much only miss like one or two songs so we can easily work them out in the studio if worst come to worst. 

Today I also got confirmation that the clothes we ordered from are on their way and should be here early next week....not too much else to tell you, so far this has been really smooth and easy so on some level I'm just waiting for when the trouble begins but wouldn't mind if there was no hassle with this album.....on the other hand I don't see why there should be any inconveniences since we all know what we're doing and have a bunch of great songs to execute. Well, time will tell. This album is definately not going to be like the last one, but you probably guessed it anyways since we don't tend to stick with one direction for too long.

The guys didn't let me take any nude pics of them yesterday, as expected.... I think that there wouldn't even be that amazing posting pics of middle-aged nude guys on this blog. As far as Marko's school goes, I'm not sure if he wants it to be public what he is studying so harrass him on FB if you HAVE to know. It's in no way music related, I'll tell you that much.



almost forgot, clip of the day:

...and Tony watched this one like half a dozen times a day when we worked on SGHN:

try listening to it , 6 times a day at least for 5 days a week and 6 weeks in a row.... it's funny
but not THAT funny....sorry T.

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  1. I'm so happy things are going so smoothly. I don't think I've ever seen you so cheerful in your blogs! :)

    And oh come on Henkka, 35/37 isn't middle aged!! But thanks for trying. I won't give up on hope :P

    I think a lot of people saw the chance to ask you because, well.. Make isn't peeping a word on his fb. Hell, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't even know he's in school. A lot of people got worried when he left, and a lot of people said (and are still saying) some nasty shit about him being kicked out for alcohol or drug problems. We just wanna be happy for him, and knowing he's doing his thing is very good. I know I've used the school thing to comfort some really brokenhearted fans. Ahh sorry. I'm rambling. What I mean to say is, thanks. You didn't have to tell us, but you gave a lot of comfort to a lot of us. It's already much easier to move on. We won't try to pry more. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

    1. There are actually multiple things...related to our 15th anniversary, celebrating 15 years as a recording band and not really focusing on Ecliptica = as far as I know we will not play the whole album through live....

    2. Whatever you do I'm sure it's gonna be great! ;)

  3. Good that things are going so well...
    And I kinda see why Tony listened to the UFO- guy so much... it's catchy... got it stuck in my head now... Thanks for that... ;-)

  4. Everything is going very well and that gives
    pleasure. Also, I take the opportunity to thank you, that you take the time to tell us about the progress of the album, few bands do it, and in my case, you guys, are the band of my life, and you do it, makes me immensely happy.
    Read you blog and I can feel that you are happy, and this makes me happy and joyful my day, it sounds crazy ... I love them, you are very important in my life, I mean I have grown with you ...
    Regarding about Marko, I so glad, that he is taking new life, changing and growing, in the end, the good and happiness is for he, I can tell you that as his fan, I'm happy and always will support him, if is something musical or not ... and once again, thanks for to tell us what he is doing :)
    Have a incredible week and I'll be waiting for the first photo shoot for the new album ... and why not ... maybe a couple of photos of the boys in towel in the sauna ... I say, the hope dies last, no? :)

  5. No more songs about wolves, now we will have songs about UFO's!


    ... and we're still waiting for the video of the show here in Brazil!

  6. Hello from Ukraine! We are glad everything goes well and looking forward for the album.

    It's nice to read about Marko and know he's OK, best wishes for him.

    SA is a wonderful band, thank you all for great music and fun! Love you all :) Sorry, you have sertainly heard and read such things before, but still :)

    Hte clip made me laugh, especially when I imagined Tony wathing this all day long.

    Wish you a good rest before the start of recording!

  7. Hi Henkka... that's my video contribution...

    And if you really don't like or find it funny you can always say it's all Tony's fault ;)

  8. I think you guys might think this is cool :D

  9. Did Tony whatched the OH MY DAYUM video? it's kinda the same thing as the UFO

    Look at this under your own risk


  10. Sure we want to see some nude pics, so come on, bring it! LOL!

  11. hahaha Tony must try this time with the "backin up song"... in the same style.