torstai 12. syyskuuta 2013

Thursday 12.9.2013 Rehersal Day 9:

Worked on the "difficult" song and Tony brought in an shortened version of one of the earlier fast songs that originally was a bit too long. Now it works better. Found a couple of clips:

...I think Elias tweeted at least one of them already. While the guys were going through some gtr/bass stuff I managed to set up my old computer a PC running Nuendo so that I can start to go through the keyboard stuff and make demos next week. Pretty laid back day and towards the end of it I started to feel a fever coming on...I hope I can dodge it. Oh, and I got a pic of Tommy.



OMG, Windows XP is back with a vengeance, forgot one of my M3 modules at home
better bring it in on Monday.

....and here is Tommy !! Happy as usual.....

13 kommenttia:

  1. Where can I get this shirt? :D

  2. Do you think you could get Tommy to share his secret for being so happy? Everytime I look at his happy face it makes me want to be like that as well!


    Here is a finnish style of combining iskelmä and heavy. :)

  4. Eternal XP. One thing that I've remembered, what happened with the "I can't dance" cover?. In one of the South America Tour videos you could listen to a small peace of it (if you really pay attention).

    Keep it up, lads.

    1. I'm not sure when or how we gonna put that song out...but you guys should definately get a chance to check it out. We'll try to work something out...

  5. good photos :D i'm listening katty perry now xD

  6. Great shirt!!! Where can I get that one?

  7. Windows XP is better anyway ;)

    And really... i WANT that shirt!! :)

    And Slayer Disney and Katy Perry... you guys aren't going on stage next tour with bubbly pink outfits and mickey ears are you? (though tony sometimes sounds like mickey mouse already, especially with LiF don't Say A Word :P)

  8. Man that M3 looks weird in headless chicken mode.