maanantai 9. syyskuuta 2013

Monday 9.9.2013 Rehersal Day 6:

....ah Monday mornings, gotta love 'em. Elias flight was delayed so Tony,Tommy & I started out the day a bit earlier than the other guys. Anyway, we managed to make the charts for the 10 minute epic and play through it as well....we also made charts of another fast song (152bpm, for those of you who care). At the moment it looks like we're only missing a couple of tracks, then we'll fine tune the stuff and start recording...btw this was kinda funny:

...slow day at work, I bet we get something more done tomorrow. Elias and Pasi were once
again left in the woods to record some demo guitars and basses....good luck boys, I'll be 
in the sauna if you need me. Until tomorrow.



5 kommenttia:

  1. "Elias and Pasi were once again left in the woods"

    Don't know why it makes me think of two little hamsters left in a maze.

  2. I want those 6 min. of my life be honest, 12 would be better since my gf agrees with me.:D (JK!! ;D)
    BTW the news sounds great, will we get to hear some snippets in the near future like we did for SGHN? We both(and tons of other people I'm sure) can't wait:)-Cheers

  3. 152 bpm - perfect! That'll go directly to my jogging playlist. Got any 170-185 bpm songs in the making? Those are good for the final sprint :P

  4. Can't wait to hear 10 minutes epic song sample or preview in a few months when album came out on presale.
    Guys, don't stop to make music and making people lifes a bit better and happier.

  5. well.. I know most of the fans are happy because you're making fast songs.. but I love the ballads like draw me or the day.. that kind of songs.. but who cares.. xD do what you love <3