keskiviikko 25. syyskuuta 2013

Wednesday 25.9.2013 Rehersal Day 16 / Photo session no.1:

Today was probably our last day of band rehersals before the studio. We played through a 
couple of songs in the morning and then it was time to head out to take some photos outside. Kinda cold but I still remember the Reckoning Night photoshoot which was even colder and naturally every time someone talks about cold, Tony & Tommy remember to bring up the fact that it was -25 degrees celsius and windy when the promopics for Silence were taken. Well, be that as it may it was cold today too. Our first location was at the local mine, so thanks to Outokumpu for letting us take a bunch of pics there. The next one was another local attraction, the Taivalkoski dam. Since we didn't want it in the pics, I took some pics of it for y'all. We're gonna have another photosession in Oulu on Friday and
tomorrow is mostly reserved for packing our stuff and leaving the SL. Until then enjoy, these pics....and I'll get you some more pics from the photosession on Friday.


...and yeah this is old news but gotta love Alex Lifesons contribution to this thing:

Enjoy the pics:

Taivalkoski pt1

Taivalkoski part 2


Walking to the location....without me ;-(

Managed to ambush our photo-dude ya !!

Elias...good to go, with the SA cloves and all...

On the way to the mine...or at the mine...or...whatever...

Down, down, down we go.....

Another view of the mine....

...and last but not least  "the new guy" , don't worry this will probably
not be his stage outfit....maybe....

8 kommenttia:

  1. Interesting place, beautiful pictures of the river.
    Probably not very comfortable outfit. I think.

  2. Lol nice! Nothing like seeing guys in uniform! Thanks for the pictures and updates . Looking forward to the next album. Never a disappointment in anything you guys do!

    Marina (Mia) Curran

  3. For the other lone American here, -25C is -13F. You're welcome.

  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful location, beautiful you, and I want to see the result of that photo shoot ... Greetings from Mexico ....

  5. Cool, you got Vesa Ranta to take your promo photos!

  6. Lol, I was joking when I asked you on twitter about those being the new stage outfit! :) anyway thanks for the pictures!