perjantai 6. syyskuuta 2013

Friday 6.9.2013 Rehersal Day 5

not too much to tell ya about today. Went through the songs and it seems we have around 4 tracks to check next week and then everything will be more or less in order. Worked on the arrangements for the 6 tracks we already know and learned this week. I don't remember us working this fast like....ever. It's really nice since we're gonna have some time to check and double check and triple check everything before entering the studio in a few weeks. As far as the music goes I hear a lot of "old school" Sonata in most of the songs.....maybe we start to become a power metal band again ;-) Anyways this was a really productive week and on that note it's nice to start spending the weekend at home and try not to think about this stuff for two days. We'll be back on Monday when we'll try to tackle a 10 minute epic, destined to become a SA classic....I hope ;-)

Have a nice weekend, I'll try to take some pics next week.


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  1. Do the out of towners get to go back home for the weekend or are you keeping them hostage in the forest? ;)

    1. The out of towners are released on bail during the weekends from Friday afternoon until Monday morning...

  2. Old school Sonata for the win!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  3. A 10 minute epic? Yes, please :D

  4. oh man this is so amazing, I hope that we can listen more songs like wild fire III or wolf and raven or some kind of mix XD, thanks and have a nice weekend

  5. If the songs are coming up that fast, is because you guys are very well connected. Just let the songs last what they last, not forcing them to fill in the blanks of the disk. Keep up the good work.


  6. Old school SA sounds pretty much perfect. Can't wait to hear them! Have a nice weekend, all of you!

  7. great news for the day, it would be nice to hear songs with old school sounds of Sonata, although I like both the new and the old style so that what comes from this next album should be amazing ;)

  8. Hola Henkka,
    "Old school" or "New", I like everything you do, power, ballad or whatever, because you do it too well. So I must only wait.....and with your news it's more easy, happy waiting days. :)

  9. yeeaaah pics!!!! :D
    I like the "old school" SA, but also like the last things I've heard. I just love the band with all their faces and everything, I don't know, just wanted to say it... :D

    Greetings from Argentina
    Adios!!! :)

  10. Hola Henkka, "old school" or "new", I like everything you do because you do it well, so....I must only wait...and your news make it easy, happy waiting days.

  11. "tackle a 10 minute epic....."

    consider my tent pitched

  12. Wohooooo! Old-school Sonata sounds great! :D

  13. Oh my, the double bass is making a return? What is this?!

    Very much looking forward to this, actually. It's really neat with you, Pasi, and Elias being active with updates.

    REALLY looking forward to the "10 minute epic". Your guy's long songs always end up being amazing.

    Good luck.

    (Oh god, everything is in Finnish - how the fuck do I post this?!)

  14. Its extremely complicated to post a comment, but I tried many times because I needed to share my feeling!!

    Since I started listening to SA, for more than 12 years and I love everything you guys have done so far, I just cant imagine the old school SA coming back!! It's so much incredible :D

    10 minute music... just EPIC!!!

  15. This sounds too good to be true. They've been saying "We're not going back to the old style" and things like that for so long that I have lost all the hope for that to happen. However, IF this new album even flirts with the old stuff, I'll be more than satisfied. Please guys, don't eat your words on this one!

  16. Woohoo, those are good news! 10 minute epic! Future classic! I don't care if the resulting album is power metal-ish or not, I know it's gonna be awesome anyways. Hope you, too, enjoy the results :)

    Cheers from Paraguay! <3

  17. Kuullostaa tosi hyvältä ja on mukava kuulla että ootte palaamassa takaisin juurille :) Henkka kiitän tosi paljon kaikesta infosta, on aina mukava lukea missä menette ja mitä teette :) kiitos ja kumarrus!

  18. Ecliptica-Reckoning Night Sonata many of us fell in love with might return?! Pleeeease make it happen! Hell, I'd even be happy with another Days of Grays, had a lot of good stuff and some decent ones. SGHN just ain't my thing, try as I might, I find a couple of the songs okay, the rest... not for me.

    Another say Reckoning Night, on the other hand... Excellent progressiveish power metal full of instant classics... That would be one of the best thing ever.