tiistai 10. syyskuuta 2013

Tuesday 10.9.2013 Rehersal Day 7:

No new songs today :-( , actually we did chart a new faster song so at the moment, I think
we're missing like one or two songs...or something. Spent the day playing through the stuff and making notes, talking about the order of the songs on the album etc. At some point I'll start to go through the keyboard tracks one by one and lay down some more ideas and demo-stuff. We also spent some time trying to locate the Alone in Heaven-video, it's been done since last christmas or something and now when it's supposed to be put online nobody seems to have it or find it. Everything got sorted out so if everything goes as planned it should be up for you to watch tomorrow or the day after. Somehow I get the feeling that this video was not ment to be since there has been so much fuckin hassle with it.Keep your thumbs up that this will be the last of the trouble with that one. Btw didn't remember to take any pics...sorry about that, I'll give it another shot. The twitter guys, Elias and Pasi probably got something up or will do so....like usual. Can't wait to get into the studio btw, this is gonna be one cool album to make. Then again we're always excited when we work on new stuff so....you never know if you gonna like the end result or not....be that as it may, we all find out soon enough.



5 kommenttia:

  1. Finally I get to see if Make was pulling my chain almost a year ago and if you guys are in this or not. :P

  2. For all your notes, I can see that this new album going more than well.. I can't wait for listen it... and have the CD in my hands... :) Cheers! from Mexico

  3. Finally :D, I've been waiting for alone in heaven video! :), Cheers! From Argentina

  4. I take it easy, I like everything I heard so I'm sure this will be another good CD.

  5. photos of the northern lights.. may be? :D can we join next time.. xD ok just kidding.. :)