torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013

Thursday 5.9.2013 Rehersal Day 4 (lazy bastards)

Hi there,
jumped on the bike in the morning and hammered my way to Tony's house and from there we went to the SL to resume rehersals. We didn't check out any new songs today but went through the Demo stuff that Pasi and Elias had recorded last night. Since the guys live at the SL while up north, the don't have too much to do in the evening so they decided to record demo guitars and bass for the 6 songs we've already made ourselves familiar with. Since it was Tommy's birthday (btw he's getting old these days, like 50 or something) we sung for him and welcomed him in the "we're dudes over 20"-club. Go figure. Anyways it was more about chatting, making plans, talking about the songs and arrangements than actually playing something. I bet we get down 2-4 more songs tomorrow before it's time to have our weekend break. I got a call from our manager about some exciting thing in the making and I'll of course let you know as soon as I'm allowed to. Next year will be superfun (no I'm not 16) with all kinds of stuff happening.....Be that as it may when I rode my bike home after the day at the office, it fucking broke down and I had to walk the last 500m, dragging the damn thing while smoking and cursing. Wasn't too happy at that moment. I'm sure this has happend to someone else in the world as well so...
...fuck it, I'll drive tomorrow. Feeling more relaxed now after a refreshing sauna.

Until Tomorrow,

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  1. Great: now I'm already calling it "The Yet Unamed Sonata Arctica 8th Album - Rehearsals Diary"

    Sorry about you bike, Henkka... you will survive without it.

  2. You've been working hard, so you can take a day off ;)
    I would have paid to see you "dragging the damn thing while smoking and cursing" even though I would have missed the cursing part, since I don't know "bad/dirty words" in finnish yet. I don't know why when you go to a language course, they never teach you that... I mean... it's very important knowing how to send things to hell.
    Anyways! Wish you a more productive day tomorrow :)

  3. Hi Henkka! Happy that you came up with another blog so we can follow you all through the records!
    Don't give up the bike! Even more if you smoke, we want to see you jumping in the concerts for more 30 years, at last!

    Hope to see you in Brazil soon! And meet you at the airport again!



  4. Here's a question: Did Tony write anything by himself or are you guys contributing with some riffs and what not?

    1. Tony has written all the songs, like before and we start off with his demos and work it out from there.... of course we're contributing with all kinds of stuff, sometimes more and sometimes less...depending on the song. The solos are written by me & Elias depending on who plays case someone is still wondering about that. As far as lyrics go...that's all Tony like it has always been :-)

    2. Thanks! Your answer made my day! I'm one the M&G guys from Milan btw, glad to hear you again! Cheers! :))

  5. Don't drop your bike Henkka, repair it/get a new one and use it. It's the best thing in the world.

    Good luck with all the things you're doing.



  6. If the same luck continues, your car will probably break down too, so maybe you should consider jogging :D I'd like to see a picture of that :)

    Oh and happy yesterday's birthday to "little" Tommy!

  7. What kind of bike do you have? Can we have a picture?