keskiviikko 18. syyskuuta 2013

Wednesday 18.9.2013 Rehersal Day 12:

Business, business....spent some time on the phone as well as sending e-mails to start the day. Managed to send out our order for clothes to , as we try to be as efficient as possible we have two days of photo-sessions set up next week....or actually it's more like one and a half. Anyways I'll tell ya more about it then. As far as the album progress goes we spent most of the day on the computers... I started to go through the keyboard tracks and Pasi made some rehersal mixdowns for Tommy. Elias and Pasi were talking about going to see Children of Bodom in Oulu tonight....follow their twitter accounts to see what kind of idiot things they will post ;-) .... if they get there...

Btw since next year is the 15th anniversary since Ecliptica was released we have some very special things coming up, so some of the rehersal time will be spent on one of those things for the next week or so. As usual I wish I could tell more but....that's how it is. Lots of stuff in the works and lots of exciting things coming up next year.

Tomorrow I'll go to the SL early in the morning so I can work on the keyboard tracks at my own and then I guess I'll just head on home when the other guys starts to make noise.

Anyways, time to take the dog for a walk,


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  1. Still no photos of Toni! Is he camera shy?

  2. gosh! 15th anniversary!!! how passed time!! I can't wait for this exciting things... oh yes! for the photo session too!

  3. Anniversary suprise! That's nice.
    Me and many fans around the globe has been talking for a long time about what will do you by your 20th Anniversary on 2019, since Ecliptica was released, but now i see you can't wait to 20th Anniversary so... I'm sure you'll make us all get stuned with something reeeeeally cool :)
    Keep working and be happy doing what you do.

    Waiting for more updates! Bye!

  4. Ecliptica 15th and rehearsals?

    Hmm that made me think (dream) about the album played live in its entirety some day.
    I'm sure you guys could pull it off instrumentally, and Tony could sing all of that in a lower key (like Blank File in 2011).

    Please do it! Wouldn't it be cool if you play all of your songs live at least once a in a lifetime?
    Ecliptica would be a natural start.


  5. I thank you so much for allow us "watch" into the rehearsals. We expect always for your words with glad. Thanks Henkka!!

  6. Henkka could you make a panoramic view of the SL to see all the instruments in only one photo?

  7. Still no photos of Toni.Is he camera shy? ;)